Thank you for your interest in South Dakota pheasant hunting at Deadshot Outfitters. In addition, we also specialize in turkey hunts. South Dakota is one of the highest pheasant populated states if not the highest. It stands to reason as to why the Ringneck pheasant has been named the state bird. Our goals are to make sure that our clients have an amazing experience, have a great hunt and hopefully create lasting friendships. We are located in Colome, South Dakota (10 miles east of Winner, SD and 15 miles west of Gregory, SD).

Pheasant Fun Facts!

rooster pheasant
pheasant nest

A rooster will accumulate a harem of 3-7 hens.

A hen will nest up to four times in a nesting season.

A hen pheasant will lay an average of eleven eggs. A range of 1-20 eggs can be in a clutch.

Pheasant chicks start growing flight feathers right after hatching and in two weeks are capable of short flight.

Approximately 35% of pheasant chicks die in the first 6-10 weeks of life.

Hen pheasants will adopt chicks that have been abandoned or lost their mother.

The annual survival rate of a pheasant is 30%. Only 2-3% will live as long as 3 years.

Fox, raccoon, skunk, hawk, owl, and man are the pheasant’s primary predators.